Xinuos is a provider of software solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and replicated branch offices. Xinuos solutions include UNIX platforms; messaging, and web services; and services that include technical support, education, consulting, and solution provider support programs.


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Synology America Corp. located in Redmond, Washington is the North American branch of Synology Inc. Synology has been delivering award-winning NAS (network attached storage) devices to small business and home users since early 2000. Synology is a network attached storage company, with all R&D focused solely on delivering the best in class network attached storage devices with forward-thinking features at an affordable price.

When you purchase a Synology product, you will have peace of mind in the value that our products deliver and if you ever need a little help, our in-house support team, located in Redmond Washington is second to none. 

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