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If your organization is a "reputable business entity (a 'Company'), defined as a reseller, consultant, or system integrator ... dealing primarily with 'end users' in the retail marketing, servicing, support, and consulting of UNIX products", you are eligible to join iXorg.

Imagine rubbing shoulders with your peers or being mentored if you are new to the UNIX family by an experienced Professional!

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"Joining iXorg was the logical next step for our company. Having recently become a Premier reseller, we felt that iXORG would be a great vehicle to find support within the SCO Community."
Bob Cloutier
ProTech Computer Systems
"The past couple of year's Las Vegas speakers were quite eXcellent. They provided a focal point to the conference and were its largest draw in my opinion. They set the tone and were also a necessary stimulus of conversations and at breaking the ice on business practices at the dinner table. "
Dave Ingalz
CCNS, Inc.
"...I was invited to attend one of iXorg's TestFests as a guest of Xinuos. After seeing the schedule of training and information being presented at the TestFest, I convinced our management to allow me to attend. I couldn't have been more stunned by the amount of knowledge and experience I learned from just this ONE TestFest. Also, being in the TestFest, and participating in the excercises taught me more in a few short days than I could have learned in ANY classroom (for any price). I find that membership in iXorg is not only the best technical resource I call on now, it's also the best training for various SCO Unix needs as well as all other related needs like becoming more familiar with VMWare, running SCO on VMWare, Windows domain experience, help with Samba, help with CUPS, and help with Linux. I have never been in the company of a group of people that have been so outwardly helpful to everyone. "
Doug Richie
ProCom Solutions, Inc.

Membership Benefits

    • Two Free Xinuos support calls every year!
    • Free Xinuos NFR's to all iXorg members
    • Your company's information on iXorg's web sites
    • iXorg section of the Xinuos Partner News contributed by members
    • Lead Referrals from Xinuos Professional Services
    • Special training opportunities
    • Networking with your peers for ways to enhance your own business



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